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aguarossPaints by visual artist Adriana Rossselli Londoño

Adriana is a Colombian painter based in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. She works primarily with acrylics, mixed media, collage, encaustic and oils, focusing her abstracts on colour and texture. Adriana has studied in Colombia under the tutelage of Yalile Fadul and in Canada at the Toronto School of Arts and the Montreal Centre of Visual Arts.


Adriana es una pintora colombiana radicada en Canadá. Trabaja principalmente en acrílico, óleo, collage y encáustica, enfocando sus obras abstractas en el color y la textura. Ha realizado estudios en Colombia bajo la tutoría de la pintora Yalile Fadul y en Canadá en el Toronto School of Art y en el Centre des arts visuels de Montreal. 

You can contact Adriana at aguaross(at)gmail(dot)com

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